Gymboss HIIT Interval Timer Review

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I’ve used this Gymboss HIIT interval timer for 10 years now & changed the batteries just once. It’s actually wild!

Gymboss HIIT Interval Timer

Years and years… and years ago on the blog, I posted a review and hosted a give-away for a Gymboss Interval Timer & Stopwatch. My memory fails me, but I’m pretty sure I was sent the product and back then, this would have been epic!

I had never heard of Gymboss Timers before but, [now] 10 years after writing my original post, I’m still using the exact same timer as I did then… and I’ve only had to change the batteries for this HIIT interval timer once!

It started like this…

*My stopwatch broke
*I learnt to time drills without a stopwatch
*My timing became akin to Transport for London (how long can 1 min really be?!)

I quickly became renowned for unspecific timing especially when distracted with conversation while teaching. But then, I started running my sessions literally like a BOSS! …although it seem’s more like all the peeps in my sessions were running them as they could see the time on my waistband.

What Is A Gymboss Timer?

Gymboss Timers are programmable interval timers perfect for timing a single interval, or multiple intervals, and repeating them once or as many times as you wish. The interval timer mode allows timing of any one interval, or two different intervals insequence. These intervals can then be repeated once, or as many times as you select, up to 99 times.

So the timing couldn’t have been more perfect… pun intended! A HIIT interval timer that you can set the intervals in advance, with various notification alarms (vibrate, beep) that I could choose. Or even choose to have it as non audible? I was onto a winner and didn’t even know it at the time.

I’m pretty sure I have a second one still in its packaging somewhere which I was gonna use to take photos for this post but I couldn’t find it. So I used my battered (but still beautiful) orange version.

It’s missing the clip on the back, but gah, we can’t see that in a picture. It probably would be handy to have though ‘cos the amount of times I roam around class, put down my Gymboss, and then can’t remember where I left it… are countless.

Ski Jumps -hiit workout

Want Some HIIT Workout Inspiration?

When I first got the timer, I was teaching outdoor Nike Training Club Live classes in Victoria Park, amongst others. I hit up Victoria Park and I think everyone was secretly pleased to see I had a method of keeping track of time.

As soon as they heard the beep to signal the end of each 20 second section of Tabata they stopped by themselves! I loved using the interval timer as it took just a minute or so to set up once I got the hang of it.

What’s super useful is that it also has a stopwatch function and tells the actual time. So basically, a watch with interval timer (that you don’t even need to wear).

How Do You Set Intervals On A Gymboss Timer?

The setup procedure is similar for all 3 modes. Here are the key steps:

  • Push SET button to enter setup. SETUP must be displayed on the screen to make changes.
  • Use V / Λ to make changes to the flashing digits.
  • Each push of SET button will move you to the next step in the setup process.
  • When SETUP is no longer displayed, you are no longer in setup and the timer is ready to use.

A good example of a workout you could utilise the Gymboss interval timer with is my Quick & simpElle 30 Minute Workout. Intervals of 1 minute and 30 seconds can be set to repeat 8 or 16 times depending on your fitness levels. I’ve also linked some other workouts that will work up a sweat for you above.

Would You Prefer An Interval Timer App?

Well, it just so happens that as I was researching for this post, I found a Gymboss Interval app on the Apple iOS Store! If you’re team Android, like me, you can download the app from the Google Play Store here.

Can’t actually believe I’ve written a whole post about a HIIT interval timer (lol) but firstly, I think it’s great to keep the information on the blog up to date and it’s also great to report back that, yeah, that product I blogged about is actually epic!

Oh and to address the (previous) title of this post – yeah, I only had to change the batteries once in 10 years now, which is mad! Kinda makes it a very reliable gadget for teaching and worst case scenario, I now know I have the app as a backup.

So, what’s the next workout on your plan?!


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