Bike Nook – Bike Storage For Small Spaces

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Bike Nook wit Liv Langma - Bike Storage For Small Spaces

Living in a one bedroom flat with limited space and a love for ‘things’ especially bikes, comes with its challenges. I am always on the look out for bike storage ideas for small spaces and finally I think I found one solution – the Thane Bike Nook.

The Bike Nook is a vertical bike stand which provides indoor bike storage for small spaces like mine. If you regularly use an indoor trainer and can’t keep the bike on the trainer when not in use, then it’s a great option for that too.

The best thing about the bike nook, other than saving space, is that it’s super easy to assemble, it’s easy to move around and it’s adjustable to fit all different sizes of bikes.

How Bike Nook Works

Once you assemble the Bike Nook, all that’s left is to find the perfect spot to place it. I did end up struggling with this as when I considered how much space it would save, I didn’t keep in mind the footprint of the legs.

The max width is 56cm, max depth of 60cm and the height varies depending on the bike you’re placing on it. The Bike Nook basically keeps the bike balanced with the back wheel and seat post resting on it.

If like me, you have a saddle bag attached to your seat post, you’re gonna have to remove it when using this stand. However, you can get something like this organiser which also doesn’t need to be drilled etc, to keep everything you need in one place.

Once the bike is positioned (or maybe before?) there is a velcro strap to keep the front wheel from moving.

How Bike Nook Works As Bike Storage For Small Spaces

I found the first position I used for the Bike Nook to be too precarious. I had positioned it in the hallway between my bedroom and bathroom where we kept walking into it. As the bike isn’t actually secured, I imagine it could easily be knocked right off the stand.

I then moved it to take the images for this post and ended up really liking the positioning. With no-one ever needing to walk past that corner of the living room, there is substantially less risk of knocking it off.

I do also think it works better with a slightly wider / grippier tire than my slim road tires (I tested it with my cyclocross bike too – a Liv Brava).

Where To Buy A Bike Nook

First of all you can buy direct from the Thane website and the more you buy, the cheaper they get. One Bike Nook is £49.99, 3 for £89.99 (£45 each) or 4 for £129.92 (£32.48 each). If you buy a multipack, it comes with connectors which are perfect for linking two or more Bike Nooks together. 

I was almost convinced by the 4 pack, however, I wasn’t 100% sure that this bike rack would work for me or my space. If you don’t need 4 though, you could split the order with a friend to take advantage of the saving.

Buy Bike Nook On Amazon

I ended up buying my Bike Nook on Amazon, mainly to avoid postage (I’m an Amazon Prime member) and for next day delivery.

You can also get your Bike Nook from Argos.

Buy Bike Nook On Amazon

Just incase you’ve got a bike with a back rack carrier, pannier racks, fenders or mud guards, Thane also have the Bike Nook Pro which is more suitable.

If you’re looking for indoor bike storage for small spaces, I hope this Bike Nook review provided an affordable option or helped you make a decision.

How do you store bikes in small spaces?


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