9 Must-Try Asian Recipes For Winter

Whenever we ask what dinners you love the most (especially in the colder months) you say: Asian recipes. And why wouldn’t you? Those flavours! That nourishing feeling! It’s all good. Especially when you know we’ve balanced all the nutritionals for you.

This year we wanted to fill your menu to the brim with our best healthy Asian recipes. When you’re looking for winter weeknight inspo, look no further than tasty broths and soups that pack a punch. Warming ramen you want to cosy up to a box set with. Sink-into-laksas, and the crunch of a veg-packed stir-fry that tastes like it’s doing you the world of good on the inside, too. Did we mention our show-stopping healthy katsu? No Asian recipe showcase worth its umami could be without it. 

Bringing big flavours to your Asian recipes 

Asian recipes are full of taste, so we wanted to give you the lowdown on all the different types of flavour you’ve got coming in your fresh food box this winter.

  • Spicy shichimi togarashi
  • Furikake seasoning
  • Sticky-sweet teriyaki
  • Sweet & sour (the healthy way!)
  • Five-spice tanginess
  • Rich satay creaminess
  • Umami-so-goodie

1. Spicy shichimi togarashi

The shichimi togarashi we pop in your food box is a traditional Japanese spice blend. This seasoning is also known as Japanese seven spice, and is a staple for many Asian recipes. It’s worth getting to know this mix of red chilli flakes, sansho pepper, sesame seeds, nori, shiso, dried orange peel, hemp, and poppy seeds. 

Tastes like: a fiery umami kick. 

Use it on: anything you want to spice up!

2. Furikake seasoning

Furikake translates to “sprinkle”, and it’s exactly that: a seasoning traditionally used to flavour rice. But did you know it’s amazing on anything from fish and veggies to popcorn? 

Think of it as the salt and pepper of any Japanese kitchen and you won’t go wrong. It’s made up of toasted sesame seeds and umami-rich nori (seaweed), salt and a little bit of sugar, and we’ve seen some Asian recipes add in bonito flakes, dried shrimp and even dried salmon. We love our healthy version for your food box because you can use it to instantly perk up any dish.

Tastes like: nutty, crunchy umami.

Use it on: rice, or anything that you’d normally pop salt and pepper on

3. Sticky-sweet teriyaki 

Tamari, maple syrup, sesame oil, ginger, chilli and lime. If you want to make it at home yourself, that’s our healthy version for you. Sometimes we pop a pre-made healthy version into your food boxes that’s got all of that, plus a little coconut palm sugar. 

Tastes like: nutty, sweet umami

Use it on: vegan proteins, chicken, pork, and beef

4. Sweet & sour (the healthy way!)

Give us Asian recipes without the refined sugars you said, and your wish is our command. Your sweet and sour food box sauces swap any white sugars for maple syrup or honey, then we add a little tomato paste and even tamari to capture that classic Asian flavour.

Tastes: sweet with a tang

Use it on: any protein or veg you fancy

5. Five-spice tanginess

Chinese five spice is a seasoning made up of:

  • Star Anise
  • Sichuan Pepper
  • Fennel
  • Cassia
  • Cloves

Tastes like: tangy and peppery 

Use it on: it’s seriously good on duck and tofu 

6. Rich satay creaminess

From this satay-style mushroom broth guaranteed to warm up any winter’s night, to our take on a brunch classic: satay tofu scramble, there’s nothing a good dollop of crunchy peanut butter can’t do stirred into a sauce along with garlic, ginger, chilli, tamari, lime, curry powder, and a dollop of refined-sugar-free maple syrup. 

Tastes like: creamy nutty goodness

Use it: in traybakes, noodle bowls, and slathered on the classic chicken

7. Umami-so-goodie

The flavour that rules them all. Umami (pronounced oo-ma-mee)  is one of those things everyone talks about but no one really knows how to describe it. Think of it as ‘savoury’ taste – a sip of miso soup or a dash of tamari sauce – all of your Asian recipes have it in some way, shape or form!

Asian recipes with meat

Bring your favourite Asian dishes home with these big hitters.

Crispy Chicken Katsu Curry

A cult classic features tender British free-range chicken breast you’ll be coating in an almond crumb, plus a big ladle of umami-packed katsu curry sauce with added leafy green spinach, and earthy potatoes. 

Japanese-inspired Rump Steak Broth with Furikake

A hug in a bowl. Juicy slices of grass-fed British rump steak nestling alongside chestnut mushrooms, ginger, and umami-rich tamari. Add in crunchy bites of fresh radish and a dusting of furikake and it’ll be your go-to Asian recipe in no time at all.

Five-spice Glazed Duck with Sweetheart Cabbage

British duck breast is tender on the inside, five-spice-coated crispy skin on the outside. Served on a bed of flash-fried spiced cabbage, mushrooms and peppers with crispy carrot fries on the side.

Most popular Asian recipes with fish

Sesame Albacore Tuna with Stir-Fried Veg & Rice

Sustainably sourced and meaty albacore tuna steaks get the full flavour treatment, slathered in sesame and served with brown rice and crispy charred sweetcorn, cabbage and peppers. Even better? It’s ready in 15 minutes or less.

Honey-Tamari Salmon with Veggie Egg Fried Rice

Packed with protein, first up you’ll sizzle fibre-dense brown rice with edamame, cabbage and eggs. Then you’ll add in ginger,  garlic and a drizzle of tamari, sesame oil and vinegar for oomph, before serving with crispy fillets of sustainably caught salmon to make it complete.

Garlic & Ginger Tiger Prawn Noodles with Persimmon

It’s a flavour match made in heaven: sustainably sourced tiger prawns and sweet seasonal persimmon. Toss with pak choi, brown rice noodles and cashews, then scatter with sesame roasted carrots to finish.

Most popular Asian recipes for vegans

Malaysian Tofu & Carrot Noodle Laksa

It’s comfort food, and it’s healthy! Creamy lemongrass coconut soup with crunchy carrot noodles, tenderstem broccoli, and golden crispy fried tofu for extra protein, plus a generous handful of coriander and chilli. An instant vegan favourite.

Five-spice Tofu Noodles with Rhubarb

Sizzle up protein-rich tofu coated in Chinese five-spice until it’s golden and crisp. Then you’ll pair it with tender bites of rhubarb, roasted with aromatic sesame oil and sweet maple, all served over a bed of noodles and a sprinkle with sesame seeds to finish.

Miso Aubergine with Jewelled Rice

A moreish marinade of umami miso and zingy ginger puts the ooh into aubergine here. Paired with edamame rice, toasted cashew nuts and a sprinkle of chilli, it’s so delicious you’ll be craving seconds.

Feeling inspired? Head over to our new winter menu now to get your fill of super satisfying Asian recipes.

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