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We’re Mindful Chef and we make healthy eating easy. With the sort of feel-good food and high quality ingredients that kickstart healthy habits and keep you satisfied. 

The trouble with some healthy recipe sites is well, things can look a little dry can’t they? We’re here to prove that healthy recipes and big flavours go hand in hand. Like Wimbledon and tennis, Batman and Robin, and yes, even burgers and fries. Healthy recipes like this bowl of healthy Loaded Fries (yes, they are a thing!) and a juicy British beef burger you’ll be sizzling up with a side of sweet potato. 

Healthy recipes don’t mean calorie counting or loads of faff. No one needs to overthink dinner. Ready to fill up on the good stuff?

Healthy recipes that taste as good as they look 

First things first, we believe that getting big flavours into your healthy recipes start with good quality ingredients. And at Mindful Chef that means ethically sourced ones from suppliers we love. So you get jammy, juicy tomatoes fresh from the vine from the Isle of Wight, onions from Stourgarden’s rich soils, and nutty quinoa straight from the British Quinoa company. 

When it comes to your proteins, it’s British meat, all the way. That means free-range chickens free to frolic. Cows that have been dining out on grass, sustainably sourced fish, and fresh-as-a-new-day vegan proteins.

Explore more healthy recipes

Hello healthy recipes that sound naughty but aren’t

By naughty, we really mean pasta. Bowls and bowls of hot, creamy pasta. The twist? Ours are all gluten free, dairy free and nutritionally balanced. So while all these healthy recipes are going to feel like you’re breaking the code, they are healthy, tasty, and easy.

Healthy recipes for salad lovers

We couldn’t have a blog on healthy recipes without mentioning the s-word, but these salads aren’t all drab lettuce-no-dressing. When it comes to flavours and new ingredients to try, well we think the sky’s the limit. How about Jerk-spiced chicken and charred corn, a British bavette steak nice and charred with a punchy salsa verde, or even our take on a Caesar (hint: it’s vegan!)). All our healthy recipes are a great way to load up your plate with good greens and good-for-you proteins.

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