Healthy Date Night Dinner Ideas

It’s date night, but you’re fresh out of inspiration! Don’t panic, because we’ve got some amazing healthy dinner ideas for two that are perfect for a night in together. Whether you’re cooking for your amour or amour-to-be, you’ll be sizzling British bavette steaks, smearing pesto into mushrooms, stirring up a pasta that won’t give you a carb slump, or keeping it simple with a bung-in-the-oven traybake because let’s face it, it’s been a long week and you want to watch your favourite thing on the telly.

Here, we’ve put together all our healthy date night dinner ideas so you get recipes worth sharing with the one you love. 

It’s date night, why does it have to be healthy? 

It doesn’t. But we’re the home of healthy eating made easy, so our healthy dinner ideas for two are going to be less love handles, more I-can’t-believe-this-is-healthy!

Explore healthy dinners for two

It’s got to be steak

Sometimes, a hunk just has to be British, grass-fed and beefy. Healthy dinners for two don’t have to be all-guns-blazing. Bring the flavour with a brilliant cut of beef, and these recipes will have everyone wanting more amour.

Straight from our Easy Nights range!

The (now healthy) classic

For a winter’s night

More healthy date night dinner ideas 

Get down and dirty with this prawn taco recipe starring tiger prawns, a quick pickle and tacos so easy you’ll never go back to the shop-bought version. Cosy up together with a fish pie that’s free of dairy but full of taste, thanks to those tiger prawns and dill-scented almond milk sauce. Or dress to impress with this vegan artichoke and butterbean paella, you’ll simmer up with healthy steamed brown basmati rice. 

Light and healthy date night dinner ideas

If you want to save room for a decadent dessert (one spoon or two?) [link to choc brownie Ready to Go dessert or main page], then these healthy dinners for two will go down a treat. And in the morning, if you still love them as much (eg, they did the washing up!) you won’t want to miss our take on the TikTok-famous pesto eggs with smoked salmon.

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