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The chicken we’re putting centre stage in your healthy chicken recipes is 100% British and 100% free range: eg, the chicken that goes in your Mindful Chef recipe boxes. (We think that’s what makes it so juicy and tasty, after all.)

Whether you’re serving it in crispy green lettuce boats (we love a healthy chicken recipe here) or drizzling it in a sticky mango sauce with lovely legumes, or sizzling it up, kebab-style for a mid-week pick-me-up, you’re in for a treat. Ready for our roundup of healthy chicken recipes that routinely top our chefs’ favourites list? Then let’s get cooking! 

Why is chicken healthy? 

Chicken packs a big protein punch, and contains nutrients that help support a healthy nervous system, healthy brain function, and can even help keep our immune systems strong. 

  • riboflavin
  • niacin
  • biotin
  • pantothenic acid
  • B6
  • B12
  • potassium
  • magnesium 
  • Selenium
  • zinc

Healthy chicken curry recipes 

Chicken curry: the ultimate comfort food. When your head says ‘takeaway’ but your heart knows it’s best to avoid temptation, fill up on a nutrient-rich homemade version instead. Stir up the dreamy delights of a Cashew Chicken Korma (dairy free!), sprinkle in the comforting warmth of garam masala spices into a gentle chicken and sweet potato curry, and whip up a Thai-inspired yellow chicken version that comes complete with a side of spinach-flecked rice. All our healthy chicken recipes are tasty any day of the week. 

Healthy Chicken Pasta Recipes 

First things first, no list of healthy chicken recipes would be complete without chicken soup. Our version has a lovely twist: Mediterranean flavours! When time isn’t on your side, turn to the speedy romesco pasta. Or another, super easy, healthy chicken recipe is here: this chicken pesto pasta. Creamy (dairy free) sauce? Tick. Gluten free pasta to soak it all up? Tick. Juicy bites of chicken? Tick. The freshest greenest peas? Coming right up. 

Healthy Asian Chicken Recipes 

Chicken is amazing at soaking up big Asian flavours. From China to Malaysia, Japan and more, take your tastebuds on a (healthy) flavour holiday with the zing of our healthy lemon chicken recipe in a garlicky, spinach sauce, and the star of the show: satay chicken. So good, if you’re serving this to the kids they won’t even notice we even loaded the rice with piles of veg. Sneaky.

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