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This blog is all about beef. Ours is British all the way, free-range and grass-fed from our farmers herds munching out on great British pastures. Just as it should be. 

Our healthy beef recipes are designed by our chefs to celebrate a smorgasbord of flavours, letting the protein do its thing by satisfying us, as the spices, sauces and more get our tastebuds-a-tingling. 

Bring depth to a cosy beef stew with smoky chipotle and cacao, turn a ghoul-ash into good for you goulash, and a spicy beef bibimbap, all the way through to the treat of all treats: the steak.

Which brings us to the main event: healthy beef recipes. There’s so many we even had to leave some out. Head to [recipe hub link here] afterwards for even more dinner inspo.

Can beef be healthy? 

Yes, thanks to all of this.

First up: protein. When it comes to protein, beef reigns supreme. 

Next: iron. This helps red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells – hello, energy, brain function growth and development.

Then zinc, Omega-3 and a whole heap of B vitamins.

Beef gets a bad rap for not being healthy. Beef recipes that focus on fatty cuts (sorry, ribeye) aren’t on our menu today (though at Mindful Chef we do believe in balance). 

Instead, all your healthy beef recipes are nutritionally balanced with all the right amounts of carbs, protein and good fats.

Healthy beef recipes No. 1 – Six unmissable burgers 

These don’t seem like healthy beef recipes but take a second look and you’ll love that our take on burger and fries is as good as it gets. Maybe you’ll be swapping out the buns, but if that means crispy chips to dunk in some homemade slaw instead, we’re definitely in.

Healthy beef recipes No. 2 steak glorious steak

Healthy beef recipes No. 3 cosy dinners

Go ravish with a ragu, bring meatloaf to the table with a new smoky edge (and loads of tomatoey-beans), keep it seasonal and traditional with our healthy take on a hotpot, bring a burst of Mexican BBQ-inspired sunshine with a Beef Barbacoa, or go spicy with a saag. There are more healthy beef recipes to follow.

Healthy beef recipes No. 4 flavour-packed salads and big Asian flavours

For a lighter bite, we love a flavour-packed salad, or a simple seared steak by a pile of crunchy fresh veg. These healthy beef recipes do just that – deliver flavour and health in every bite!

Yet to try healthy eating made easy? Get £25% off your first four recipe boxes by entering code BLOG25X4 at checkout. Mindful Chef healthy recipe boxes help you to cook delicious nutritious meals, in as little as 15 minutes. Each box contains recipe instructions, pre-portioned ingredients and responsibly sourced, seasonal British produce.

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