Brooks Ghost 15 Shoe Review

Brooks is a long standing American shoe company, most known in elite long distance running circles as 2018 Boston Marathon winner, Des Linden’s long term sponsor and more recently, that of British 1500m Bronze Olympic Medalist Josh Kerr. What I know them for is making great everyday running shoes for both the trails and the roads. I’ve been wearing their shoes since my first pair of Ravenna’s back in the early days of this blog and have had a pair of Brooks shoes as part of my rotation ever since.

The Brooks Ghost line has been around for 15 years and is one of the most favoured lines within the brand. It was first named by the then director of product management at Brooks who enjoyed running at night.

Brooks Ghosts are one of the best selling daily trainers, and I get the hype! trying the Ghost 12s back in 2019, I have excitedly waited for each iteration of the Brooks Ghost range. I LOVED the 12s and wore them for over 500 miles. I didn’t love the Ghost 13s…at all. But did really like the Ghost 14s – read my review here.

I’ve taken the Ghost 15 for a couple of miles so far but will update it as I increase the mileage… I wore them most recently in the Charleston Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

Brooks Ghost 15 Shoe Review

I was hoping that the Ghost 15 would be an update on the 12s and whilst they aren’t quite as perfect in my opinion as those 12s, they are a pretty good fit! At 286g/10oz, they are heavier than the average running shoe.

Brooks Ghost Release Date

The Brooks Ghost 15 have already been released in the US and are being released on 1st December in the UK (in the meantime the Ghost 14 is on sale for 20% off)


The comfortable upper has been enhanced for a more secure yet breathable fit. The engineered air mesh upper doesn’t look visually dissimilar to the 14s, however in actuality, Brooks have streamlined the upper slightly.


The main update to the Ghost 15 is the introduction of a softer, lighter version of the famous Brooks DNA loft midsole foam (similar to the one found in the Glycerin 20 – that I was able to try in Eugene this Summer). The dna loft v2 midsole is a combo of rubber, air and EVA foam, and has been designed to be less dense and lighter than previous Ghost midsoles. The stack height is 12mm (same as previous versions).


The sturdy outsole has been designed for smooth transitions thanks to the hard rubber in the heel vs the softer rubber of the midfoot and forefoot. The outsole rubber is designed for the roads but with enough grip to see you through a wet winter, slick leaves, plus the thick layer to give protection on a combination of surfaces.

Brooks Ghost 15 Colours

I really like the colourways of the Brooks Ghost 15 – I bought the ‘Spa Blue/Neo Pink/Copper‘ colourway although I love a white trainer so was tempted by the Oyster/Alloy/White version or the Black/Blue/Aruba (these epitomise the Brooks motto to ‘run happy’!). I do like that Brooks have stepped away from the traditional pink/purple colourways that many brands pick for women’s running shoes.

Are Brooks Ghost Good Running Shoes?

As I’ve already mentioned, I really like Brooks Ghost running shoes. I wore the 14s for the Chicago Marathon while Ellie wore the beloved 12s (I’m not the only one obsessed with that version!) Whilst the Ghosts aren’t the fastest shoes, they are some of the comfiest I have ever worn and perfect for long runs and easy miles. I really appreciated the Ghosts during Chicago when my feet were bashed up after the London Marathon!

One issue that many runners have had with Brooks shoes is the wear on the collar- personally I’ve had this material start to break down long before the rest of the shoe. There is increased padding in the heel of the Ghost 15 which should hopefully stop this problem. The heel counter is reinforced and responsible for rearfoot stability

I find the higher toe drop and overall shoe structure also provides more support than many other neutral running shoes.

Since the Big Sur Marathon and the cambered roads, I have been struggling with pain and corns on the edge of my foot. My feet are on the wider side and whilst I normally wear a traditional fit (half a size up from my usual shoe size) I decided to opt for the wide fit. I love the extra space, and I would imagine that I would particularly appreciate this for recovery runs when the feet are feeling a little sore! Not all shoes come in a wide option but if you also struggle with blisters, pinching or corns, it might be worth a try. The Ghost 15 are also available in narrow and regular.

Overall, if I were to describe these shoes in one word, it would be comfort. The tongue and particularly the collar are well padded (personally I struggle with too firm heels – I think that is how I injured my heel earlier this summer). They would suit neutral runners, those coming back from injury, building up mileage and looking for something to wear as an everyday shoe. I wouldn’t wear these for speed workouts or for long distance miles at ‘pace’, but they provide a smooth, stable ride on a long slow run or for easy daily miles. I think they’re particularly good for those that like me, enjoy run/walking as part of training!

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