The Truth About Food Boxes

If you’re looking for the sort of healthy food in your kitchen that’s going to give you more energy, help you get leaner and feel great, then we’re so glad you’ve joined us!

Mindful Chef succeeds where other food boxes don’t because we’re on a mission to make healthy eating easy. With the sort of feel-good food that puts a spring in your step, helps others [link to One Feeds Two] and looks great on your plate. 

When did Food Boxes start?

We can’t speak for everyone, but we started Mindful Chef back in 2015 when our founders were on a fishing boat off the Devon coast. (We know it’s a funny way to start a food box subscription company, but let us explain.)

That summer, our founders saw how loved the local daily catch was, fresh off the boat. 

They wanted to bring that to the UK. Fresh, natural food, without the food miles some other food boxes offer. And just like that, the Mindful Chef healthy food boxes were born!

Fresh food boxes 

When it comes to your Mindful Chef food boxes, delivery is everything. We might have started packing the food boxes ourselves in our flats, before driving them around London. 

But these days, we gladly let DPD’s electric fleet of food box delivery vans handle all of that now. Phew!

Are food boxes good for your health? 

While some things have gladly moved on with our food boxes delivery choices over the years, one thing hasn’t: our commitment to bringing you the best quality ingredients from award-winning farmers and producers all over the UK.

How do I choose the right food box subscription?

Food boxes like ours work on a subscription for many reasons.

  • It stops food waste
  • We have a greener supply chain
  • You know what recipes you’re cooking that week
  • You can do the weekly shop in 5 mins (yay to no more supermarket queues)
  • You can plan meals up to 8 weeks ahead
  • You can support great British farmers at the same time
  • It’s totally flexible
  • You can rely on it to turn up when you need, or pause if you’re going on hol or fancy a break

Let’s begin by asking yourself a few questions to find what’s right for your life. Let’s face it, food boxes are meant to help not hinder. 

Your fancy Fresh Food Boxes Quiz!

  1. How much time do you have to cook every evening?
  2. How many days a week do you want to cook for yourself?
  3. Do you want to explore new cuisines?
  4. Are you a family of four, a couple or flying solo?
  5. Do you have a vegan to cook for or any food intolerances
  6. Do you want to get healthy or form a new, healthy habit?
  7. Do you need extras like healthy ready meals and nutritious smoothies? [link to Ready to Go Range pages]
  8. Do you want your food box delivery to include healthy snacks and even desserts?  [link to Ready to Go Range pages]
  9. Do you want to lower your carbon footprint? [link to Low Carbon Range page]
  10. Do you want to give a meal without lifting a finger? [link to One Feeds Two]

If your food box quiz answers are

  1. 20-45 mins
  2. 2-5 days
  3. Yes
  4. Yes 
  5. Yes
  6. Yes / No 
  7. Yes / No / Sometimes
  8. Yes / No / Sometimes
  9. Yes
  10. Yes!

Then you’re in luck.

Explore our good mood food boxes 

Mindful Chef does feel-good food boxes. The sort of taste-amazing, swinging from the chandeliers energy food boxes. All meals are nutritionally balanced between 450-650 calories, and there are 20 recipes a week to choose from. Discover your first recipes, because healthy starts here.

Yet to try healthy eating made easy? Get £25% off your first four recipe boxes by entering code BLOG25X4 at checkout. Mindful Chef healthy recipe boxes help you to cook delicious nutritious meals, in as little as 15 minutes. Each box contains recipe instructions, pre-portioned ingredients and responsibly sourced, seasonal British produce.

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