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We can’t get enough fresh, seasonal veg. That’s why all our healthy vegetarian recipes star the best UK-grown veggies we love! From the crisp salad leaves picked for you by Westlands in the Vale of Evesham, to the nutty celeriac grown by the brilliant Jack Buck, it’s easy to get your 5-a-day – and then some.

So let’s talk healthy vegetarian recipes that will surprise your taste buds, get you trying something new, and keep you well out of the recipe rut zone. Go veg! 

Why are veggies healthy? 

Because they’re packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, fibre and more. From vitamin C to potassium, folate to vitamin K, vitamin B to iron. There’s nothing a diet full of veg can do for us. 

Fibre helps your gut health (good for digestion). But crunching on a humble carrot, rocket leaf, bowl of spinach or nutty sprout does so much more than that. Veggies help us: 

  • See
  • Lower the risk of certain cancers
  • Help our brains function
  • avoid inflammation
  • protects our hearts
  • … and our immune systems
  • we could go on… and on!

All those vitamins and minerals? They’re responsible for keeping our bodies functioning properly.

Explore our healthy vegetarian  recipes 

It’s not all tofu and tempeh, but they sure do help make a healthy vegetarian.

Recipes that really make the grade for us are the ones that feature big flavours, so stick with us, as there’s never a dull salad in sight.

Healthy vegetarian recipes for winter warmers

The nights are drawing in, the mornings are misty, and you want to get cosy. Let your veg do the hard work for you because when you cook with the seasons, your body will thank you for it!

Ladle up a dairy-free and deliciously creamy mushroom sauce over these sweet Butternut Squash and Lentil Burgers for a mid-week treat at only 420 calories a person. Or Black Spaghetti with jammy tomatoes and tofu you’ve slathered in pesto, or take teriyaki tempeh for a spin with veg-loaded fried rice (the healthy version of course!). 

Healthy vegetarian curry recipes

Curries and vegetables go together like strawberries and cream. They’re made for each other. We could devote a whole recipe book to the veggie curry. But here’s a few of our customer’s healthy vegetarian recipe favourites:

Healthy vegetarian recipes for summer days

It’s salad season, so up your salad days with fresh stone fruits to add a bit of flavour, and make the most of this season’s brilliant bounty. 

Quick n’ healthy dinner, incoming!

Aniseed-y fennel brings the crunch, a great match for these homemade falafels

This easy bean casserole

Healthy vegetarian recipes for the family

Cooking for the family on repeat can feel like an endurance test for busy people. Not with these healthy vegetarian recipes. These healthy veggies get all the good stuff in, and taste amazing.

Swap the chicken nugs for these amazing tofu ones

Ditch the lamb for lentils with this hearty, comforting lentil version (that mashed potato is dreamy!)

No weekday dinner would be without this Family Favourite: the veggie lasagna. It’s a healthy vegetarian recipe that literally can’t go wrong.

Healthy vegetarian recipes to tempt a meat-lover

If you’ve got someone who loves their meat and two veg, but you’d like to lower their intake of actual meat, try swapping a few meals a week with these healthy veggie versions.

Jackfruit is well known for having a pork-like texture (we’ll let you decide!), so this Jackfruit Chilli Con Carne is a great place to start!

Shiitake bacon. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a treat

A new type of Burrito (clue: it goes in a bowl!)

Healthy vegetarian recipes that aren’t tofu, please

We love tofu and tempeh, but we hear you.

Try roasting a whole cauliflower and adding sides, or swapping the Sunday Roast for a big, beautiful butternut squash. It makes the biggest centrepiece when you roast it whole and pop it on a platter!

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