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The oily fish we’re putting centre stage in your healthy salmon recipes is full of heart-healthy Omega 3’s and tastes amazing baked in our Sticky Asian Salmon with Black Rice, simmered in a Salmon & Herby Borlotti Beans in Broth or pan-fried, Japanese style in our Salmon Okonomiyaki with Smoky Cucumber Salad. If you haven’t tried our feel-good take on Salmon Pie with a Roasted Leek & Carrot Topping, you’re in for a treat. You’ll get the lowdown on healthy salmon pasta recipes and hot smoked salmon ones that make great brunch options, too. So let’s talk healthy recipes for salmon lovers that will fill you up, taste great, and get you inspired. Keep on scrolling!

Why is salmon healthy? 

Salmon packs a big nutritional punch! 

Our chefs get asked all the time about the healthiest way to eat salmon. When it comes to salmon, we think there’s no bad way, because it’s a good source of:

  • EHAs
  • DHAs
  • Vitamin B12
  • Selenium
  • Omega 3 long-chain fatty acids
  • Protein (to fill you up)

Healthy baked salmon recipes 

Harissa Baked Salmon with Spinach Quinoa

When it comes to what veggies go best with salmon, the sky’s the limit. How about a side of garlicky greens, a crunchy cucumber raita made with coconut yoghurt, or maple-roasted beetroot (all the sweetness without the refined sugars)?. All our healthy salmon recipes are a great way to load up your plate with good greens.

Smoked Salmon Healthy Recipes 

Pesto Eggs with Smoked Salmon

If you love your smoked salmon and eggs combo but want to up your flavour game, slather on some homemade pesto (we make all the TikTok-famous salmon recipes healthy!). Add a bit of bite with some horseradish, try your hand at a kedgeree, or stir flakes of sustainably smoked salmon into a fishcake.

Healthy Salmon Pasta Recipes 

Nothing says easy weekday dinner like a bowl of healthy salmon pasta. Our recipes are all gluten free (so you get all that slow-release energy and zero carb slump!).  Hello, having your bowl of healthy pasta and eating it.

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