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We love veggies. There, we said it. We love the sort of veggies that spring out of healthy soils under the watchful eye of a LEAF-marque accredited farmer. 

That’s why we pay extra special attention to the ones that go into our vegetarian recipe boxes. When you’re a vegetarian, recipe box choices don’t seem to be as exciting as the ones for the meat and fish lovers. Not with Mindful Chef.

Our vegetarian recipe box promise to you:

When you have a Mindful Chef subscription, you’ll get to choose:

  • 8 purely veggie recipes a week 
  • Fresh-as-a-new day vegan proteins
  • Cool-as-a-cucumber meal planning (choose your recipes online in your account up to 8 weeks in advance)
  • All your UK fresh produce is from LEAF-marque farmers
  • Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Recipes are between 450-650 cals per serving (so you don’t have to count cals)

Why vegetarian recipe boxes?

Loads of people these days are choosing a more plant-based diet, and we’re totally on board with that. It’s why you can load your vegetarian recipe boxes with veggie options from our Low Carbon Range, which is designed to help our customers look after their carbon footprint.

Kinder to the planet

The Low Carbon range gives you the tools you need to make more informed choices. Maybe trying something new to make little changes daily that can all add up.

It’s not tofu vs lentil burgers. Our low carbon range are great recipes you can add to your vegetarian recipe box each week alongside your favourite recipes. 

Do I have to be a veggie to have a vegetarian recipe box?

Of course not! Our Mindful Chefs are flexitarians who eat plant-based just on the days they cook with us. They’re also pescetarians, vegans, Meat-Free Monday-ers and committed carnivores. However you want to use your recipe box, we think It’s about balance – and finding a balance that’s right for your world. 

Veggie meals to inspire

Here are some veggie favourites that belong on your plate (and in your vegetarian recipe boxes!)

Yet to try healthy eating made easy? Get £25% off your first four recipe boxes by entering code BLOG25X4 at checkout. Mindful Chef healthy recipe boxes help you to cook delicious nutritious meals, in as little as 15 minutes. Each box contains recipe instructions, pre-portioned ingredients and responsibly sourced, seasonal British produce.

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