the story behind your wild-caught sockeye salmon

We only put the best fish on your plate, which is why all of the fish in your Mindful Chef recipes is sustainably sourced from the best suppliers, including delicious wild-caught Alaska sockeye salmon. We get yours from the good people at LEAP who are dedicated to sustainability throughout every stage of the salmon’s journey, from sea to plate. Why? Because the best fish swim free – and you can really taste the difference.

To celebrate its flavours this yule, our chefs created this special dish for you. Starring LEAP’s wild-caught sockeye salmon topped with a herby almond and tangy cranberry crumb. Don’t miss it on your Christmas menu running from 4th – 23rd December! 

We caught up with Josh, from LEAP to learn more about the story behind their wild Alaska sockeye salmon, and why it tastes

What’s the difference between salmon and sockeye salmon?

Most people will have seen Atlantic salmon in the supermarket. It’s larger and paler (almost orange), with a mild flavour and fatty texture. Sockeye salmon is a slightly smaller, wild species and once you’ve tasted it, you’ll know the difference. The bright crimson fish delivers a much more intense, and robust flavour with a lean and firm texture.

What makes sockeye salmon look and taste different?

Everything comes from the diet. These fish swim thousands of miles through the cold, crystal water of the North Pacific eating a rich, natural diet of shellfish and marine organisms. Because they eat so much more shellfish than any other Pacific salmon, you get this amazing colour fish! Alongside, you will be able to taste notes of that amazing diet coming through into the flavour of the meat.

What does this mean for our nutrition? Is wild sockeye salmon good for you?

Sockeye salmon is a brilliant source of vitamin D and protein, and actually has the highest amount of omega 3 of any fish! This means every bite is not only delicious, but packed with nutrients.

Can you tell us a little more about how LEAP wild-caught salmon is sourced?

Our sockeye salmon is wild-caught in the North Pacific waters of Alaska. Responsible fishing is at the heart of everything we do, so we only work with fisheries we know and trust and who share their passion for sustainable seafood. It’s really great that we can say every LEAP fish can be traced back to the boats that caught it.

We work really closely with our fisheries to make sure their supply chain is constantly improving, and always choose fishing methods that have the least possible impact on the marine environment. 

Wow. We’re totally on board with that! Why do you think it’s so important to source responsibly now, to protect our oceans in the future?

We see it as our duty to drive change in the fishing industry. Overfishing poses a considerable threat to species, marine ecosystems and the supply of seafood for future generations of fish lovers. And that’s also why third-party certification is so important to us. Our sockeye salmon is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and it’s by far the best way to ensure all our fish comes from sustainable, well-managed fisheries.

We love that all LEAP fish is wild-caught, totally traceable and naturally delicious, which is why you’ll find LEAP sockeye salmon in your Mindful Chef recipes. To get your taste, try it topped with a tangy and herby almond and cranberry crumb, then baked until tender with potatoes and orange peel. Part of your festive menu from 4th-23rd December. 

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