Trick or Treat? How to motivate yourself for some epic autumn running –

Tip 1 – Treat yourself to some New Kit

ALWAYS NEW KIT….seriously though, some fit-for-purpose running kit for the winter months is always going to motivate you to run. Some lovely bright leggings, or new hat or gloves…maybe even some new trainers.

Check out the discount on our TFTR Headbuffs, these are great for the colder months as you can wear them over your mouth to warm up the cold air, round your neck to stop the cold air getting in, or round your wrist as a snot rag yyyuuuckkkkk!!!!

Look out next weekend for a bit of a EVERYTHING MUST GO SALE…I will be getting rid of lots of plus size fitness gear I no longer have space for. Head over to our Facebook Community to take part

Tip 2 – Run during the day instead of leaving it until the evening.

We know that getting 15 minutes of daylight each day is what we need for the right amount of Vitamin D…and it doesn’t need to be sunny for this.

Tip 3 – Have something to look forward to when you get home.

A warm bath, a pot of hot soup on the hob, a cozy night in front of the TV. 

I am not a massive fan of the rhetoric of “I run for cake” running and cake are separate entities they can exist irrespective of one another…but if that’s what it takes, knock yourself out.

Get your loved ones to run your bath, or cook you dinner, or even give you a cheeky massage (wink wink)

Tip 4 – Do a bit of parkrun or race tourism.

Generally in the winter months we can get a bit lazy and opt for staying home.

Having some interesting runs to look forward to will ensure you stay motivated.

Remember warm clothes and maybe a flask of something hot for the journey home. 

I am doing 5 different parkruns in the Essex/Hertfordshire area over the next few weekends…come and say hi.

Tip 5 Run or walk with others

It can feel scary by yourself out on a run, even in daylight if fewer people are around. So why not organise some meet-ups with friends.

Even if you are not running, a brisk walk in the outdoor cold air will do you the world of good.

I hope this was helpful…oh and Happy Halloween for those that partake….as you can see from the photo, my 9 year old daughter Rose very much likes getting into the “spirit” of things.

I did ask her this morning as she skipped off to her playscheme “Fancy running at parkrun in your costume this weekend?”

Her response….

“Nah, you are alright Mum”

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