How To Move Your Body Gently

While everyone should have some fitness level, not everyone is able or wants to sweat it out at the gym. For those who have some mobility or just prefer to move at a more gentle pace, here are some of the best activities that are great for your mental health and your body too.


Yoga has known the world for being one of the most relaxing ways to release tension from your body. Although you can opt for more strenuous work and hot yoga, any amount is enough to get you started.


Our bodies love yoga because we hold a lot of tension in our muscles, and the moves in yoga help to loosen the muscles and let them go.


You’ll feel great after one yoga session, so making yoga part of your daily routine can gently strengthen your core and leave you feeling relaxed.


It’s also great for posture, sleep and digestion – not to mention some things like pain reduction.


Swimming can bring up a lot of emotions before people get into the pool, even more, if it is because they haven’t swum or worked out in a while and aren’t feeling their best.


However, swimming can support your body while you work out. The resistance of the water adds a new layer to the activity – but it’s strenuous.


Once over the trepidation of getting into the pool, you’ll likely find that you can’t wait to get back there.

How To Move Your Body Gently

Swimming can be as gentle or as strenuous as you like.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art, but after just one session, you’ll be looking for local Tai Chi classes. Tai chi works on both the breath and the body’s movement, leading to an overall feeling of general well-being.


Often Tai Chi is known as meditation in motion; the moves are almost like a slow dance – and are incredibly relaxing. Although you might not notice it because it is so comfortable, Tai Chi boosts your energy levels and improves your well-being.


Like yoga and swimming, Tai Chi can help you get a better night’s sleep.


One of the wonders of pilates is that it can be both gentle and challenging simultaneously. Beginners classes are ideal for helping with core strength, body awareness and proper alignment too.

How To Move Your Body Gently

Helping your posture improve can make a difference to body aches and digestion.


Pilates focuses on both stress reduction and lengthening and strengthening. Looking at the person as a whole. You can get started with Pilates at home using YouTube videos, but over time you’ll probably want to join a class to benefit from the relaxing atmosphere.


Moving your body gently is just as crucial as more physically demanding workouts and is a great place to start for those on a fitness journey and ideal for those who want to take care of their body and mind simultaneously. Classes can be some of the most supporting places.


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