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DROPPED JULY 21st 2022 – The adidas x IVY PARK #IVYTOPIA collection dropped for early access on July 21 on adidas. It’ll be available at other select stores on July 22. Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date and shop

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember I was lucky enough to attend the preview of the launch of Ivy Park at Topshop Oxford Circus back in 2016 when it first launched in the UK. As the event got closer and closer, I got so excited! I went from 0 to 100 in about 5 minutes of entering the building!

When I got home just before midnight, I jumped straight online to write the original version of this blog post. I shared all my immediate thoughts with you before you dived in to do your own shopping, especially surrounding how the Ivy Park sizing came up and share a little about the pieces I picked out for myself.

I’ve kept this post updated with every single launch… and now it’s launch time again for ADIDAS x IVY PARK #IVYTOPIA… 

adidas x IVY PARK is set to return with #IVYTOPIA

I’ve lost count of how many collections there have been between adidas and IVY PARK. But after the #PELOTONPARK capsule collection, which was the first to feature another brand, Bey is back with yet another exclusive adidas only range.

Branded as a transformative utopia that encourages wearers to discover their own nirvana this summer, the adidas x #IVYTOPIA summer collection features over 40 different pieces, mostly swimwear, footwear and a few accessories.

The collection promises to continue with the inclusive sizing for every shape and person that we’ve come to love.

When Does #IVYTOPIA Drop?

The adidas x IVY PARK #IVYTOPIA collection dropped as planned on July 21st here at at 11am BST. Early access was granted for ICON & GAMECHANGER level Creator Club members on 21st July.

The global launch is scheduled for July 22nd. This usually means ASOS and sometimes JD Sports.

Standby to find out if / when it will be available on I’m not sure I can recommend ASOS UK though – they took 10 days to get my IVY PARK RODEO order to me. Adidas delivery is much quicker at 24-48 hours.

Where To Buy Ivy Park in 2022

Well, since the very first launch, there were a few more collections exclusively sold in Topshop and then ASOS. For 2020, Ivy Park announced that they would be joining forces with Adidas to launch the adidas x IVY PARK clothing range. I’m a huge fan of both brands so I was excited to see what came of it.

Well, the first eight (have I counted right?!) collaborations dropped and now the adidas x #IVYTOPIA collection is here. As before, I envisage that pieces will also available at JD Sports and ASOS in the days after the drop on Adidas. I’ve added an Adidas Global link below; all other links on this page will take you directly to Adidas UK (or your own regional site).

UPDATE – If you miss out on Adidas, then check out ASOS via the link below, which worked for me last time.

Welcome to #IVYTOPIA

The concept of IVYTOPIA explores the collective connection we all share after emerging from a period of isolation. It’s about overcoming a trying time and embracing the light at the end of the tunnel.

IVYTOPIA encourages wearers to imagine all possibilities, explore their infinite potential, and discover their own nirvana. “IVY PARK utilizes this futuristic yet surreal narrative to affirm the fact that through optimism and imagination, we can create our own IVYTOPIA.”

The IVYTOPIA Collection:

IVYTOPIA seamlessly blends together the natural and supernatural, with a unique mix of floral-inspired prints, metallic spandex, and bold colours. The futuristic details and shapes aim to evoke another worldly experience.

The summer collection features swimwear, leisure pieces, footwear and a few accessories.

With over 40 pieces, it shouldn’t be too hard to choose the standouts items this time. Let me know what your favourites are?!


Gender Neutral/ All Gender:


Accessories & Shoes:


With previous launches, I would always notice more hits on this page, but actually it seems the hype may have died down? I’ve signed up to be notified on IG when IVY PARK post so for once, I knew this IVYTOPIA collection was coming up.

Someone really needs to help a girl out and add me to the PR list. Please and Thank You.

So for once, I got enough warning in order to update this post before launch day.

Things have seemed a little calmer in regards to the shopping process for the last few collections with the majority of items not selling out. So just add the items you want to your basket and check out… but you’re probably advised to be as quick as possible so you don’t miss out.

Oh, and pray the Adidas payment portal actually works.

I was about to shop a previous range through early access, added the pieces I wanted to my basket and started checkout then as I was about to pay, the screen refreshed and said my basket was empty. I took that as a sign lol.

This time though, through early access, everything was calm and worked smoothly.

YouTube video

Number 1. There Will Be More…

The number one need to know about the Ivy Park collections was always, and still is, that there will be more. After the partnership with Topshop came to an end, Ivy Park then partnered up with ASOS and JD Sports where select pieces are typically available a day or two after the main launch.

For what will now be known as DRIP 1, they released the stock of the Adidas range bit by bit and for Drip 2, it was pretty much the same premise, so don’t worry… you will get a piece or two. More recently, things haven’t been selling out in minutes like they have in the past.

Each range, there has always been something for everyone. And the IVYTOPIA collection has an array of feminine pieces in standard sizing and plus size. They’ve also brought back gender neutral, or all gender pieces in addition to a small selection of mens pieces and just the one pair of Ultra Boost, socks and hats.

IVYTOPIA | adidas X IVY PARK (JULY 2022)

JULY ’22 Drop: each collection seems to come with its very own colour palette and the IVYTOPIA collection is a mix of bright, bold colours and floral-inspired prints. Whilst this collection includes some highly functional pieces for fitness and swimming, it definitely has the fashion-driven edge thats synonymous with IVY PARK.

How To Shop Adidas x IVY PARK

  • Join the waiting room (pre 11am on 21.07) where you can browse collection – you can’t click into individual items to see things like sizes
  • When it’s your turn to shop, add items to bag and proceed quickly to checkout
  • You have a limited time to check out – you’ll need to complete your order before the time allocated is up.

Check Out The Last Ivy Park Collection:


Accessories & Shoes:

Number 2. Ivy Park Pricing

In comparison to previous ranges from back in 2016, the new adidas collaborations are quite a bit more expensive. Typically, the accessories have been the most affordable pieces.

This small capsule collection doesn’t quite feel affordable though. The most expensive pieces are footwear – the Ultra Boost Shoes (£170) and the Savage Trail Shoes (£160).

Previously I’d always said if you’re used to shopping in lululemon or Sweaty Betty the prices won’t put you off. Although ICY PARK was next level with prices, these pieces are ‘smaller’ (literally) so don’t seem as crazy expensive.

Tip – If something you like is sold out, just check the website again in the following days. I wanted an Ivy Park backless cap on launch day but it was sold out. I added my email address to be notified when it came back in stock and as yet haven’t heard back. However, I went back on the website to get some more info to update this post and guess what, it’s in stock again!

Number 3. Ivy Park Sizing

In the past, the sizing has always been pretty true to size. Recently, sizing was updated with a number of different fits including tight fit for women, oversized for women, plus size pieces, gender neutral regular fit and gender neural oversized.

Specifically, the IVYTOPIA collection has been “crafted with every shape and person in mind” featuring silhouettes for all genders, with sizes ranging from [XS] to [4X].

Here’s some guidance on how to choose the correct size:

How to size women’s tight fit in IVY PARK

Order your usual women’s size for a compressive fit. For a slim fit that’s less compressive, size up. It’s designed to accentuate the female form, this tight, compressive fit hugs every curve.

What about Gender Neutral Oversized?

Order your usual men’s size for the oversized look. For women, it’s recommended to size down. These items are oversized, genderless, and made for impact, this fit is large with volume throughout the sleeves and body.

There’s also a women’s oversized fit, right?

Yes! Order your usual women’s size for the oversized look. Crafted specifically for women, this oversized fit makes a statement with its loose and voluminous proportions.

And then Gender Neutral Regular Fit?

Order your usual men’s size for a regular fit. For women, we recommend sizing down. Created for every body, this genderless fit will be larger on women than on men.

I’m a UK 10 and according to the size charts, I *think* a XS is the size for me in gender neutral. Last time, I was unsure with the sizing for the sweatshirt and went for Size: 10 (S) with the only other viable option being 6 (XS) which I figured would be too small, and the Small worked out okay.

It took me multiple attempts to get my order placed in November and randomly I never got confirmation via the website but did get email confirmation. This process seemed to go a lot smoother for the Rodeo collection so I managed to order a few pieces:

For the FLEX PARK drop, I tried to purchase a couple of the pieces that still had my sizes left, but the site saiid payment was declined no matter what option I chose. I took that as a sign.

My Rodeo order seemed to go down soooooo smooth. All sizes were still available – so maybe people are just a little over the hype?! Same again for the Peloton capsule collection (I returned the two pieces I ordered though).

Watch My Drip 2 Try On Reel | Watch My Drip 2 Try On TikTok

Previously, I opted for Size 10 (S) in the womxn’s pieces and XS for the gender neutral hoodie. On the site they advise your regular size for a tight fit, and size up for a slim fit.

Number 4. It’s Kinda Fashion…

As per the first seven or eight adidas x IVY PARK collaborations, this collection continues with the more sporty urban street vibe to it than previously.

It still is very much a fashion line though and you’re gonna stand out in the tailored cuts, bold prints and colours.

Number 5. Get Your Discount

Although Adidas offer a student discount on their products, you can’t use it or any other discounts and promotions on this collection. You do however get fast and free delivery if you spend over £50, which isn’t hard! Creator Club members also get free delivery on all orders so remember to log in.

Student discount does work on ASOS though.

If you do purchase any pieces from the range tag me on Instagram (@ellelinton) so I can see what you chose and how you rock it!

So, which IVY PARK collection has been your favourite to date?!


*April 4th 2016 was when this post was originally published.

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