How to get a summer beach body –

So apparently Tuesday was national bikini day (how did I miss that?), and did you know the bikini was invented in 1946 and caused quite the controvesy. 

I love a bikini…yes even in my size 18/20 body.

I love a one-piece suit too.

I love being at the beach.

And not just being at the beach but enjoying it, I swim in the sea (even if nobody else is), I’m partial to a bit of bat and ball, love a shoreline walk…or run in the morning if it’s not too hot.

The summer can be a triggering time for us plus size women (maybe all women)

Not just how we look but how we feel, how we get to prioritise or at least not totally get railroaded by other people’s priorities when it comes to health and wellbeing.

When the kids are off school, or you are doing extra shifts at work to cover for folks on holidays it can be easy to think…oh I’ll start back up in September.

It is also easy to use the hot weather or your slightly inflated social calender as a reason not to train…you know, how do you fit it all in.

This is what my Core Blimey Programme is all about…21 days of sunshine, fitness and friendship, with a specific focus on core strength.

  • We set a mileage goal
  • We earn Flamingo Points
  • We do daily core strengthening activities
  • We laugh till our bellies hurt
  • We celebrate our bodies

With little and often flurries of activity that make all the difference to how you feel.

And so as the weekend approaches dig out your fav swimwear or summer dress, put on a smile and think…get me to that beach, park, mountains, party and let’s get this summer started. 

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