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when beetroot comes into season in early spring, this is one of the first recipes we want to make with it. It’s earthy flavour lends itself so well to the pasta – light enough for sunny alfresco evenings but also comforting enough if the clouds roll in and it starts to rain [hello UK weather…] Beetroot is one of those veggies that can divide the crowd but everyone loves pasta, right? Plus, who wouldn’t want to eat something as vibrant as this!?


  • 300g raw beetroot
  • 40ml extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 360g dried spaghetti
  • 160g crumbled feta cheese [dairy or dairy-free]
  • Fresh dill to garnish


[1] Begin by preheating the oven to 180ºc. Using a knife remove both ends of the beetroots, and then give them a scrub to remove any dirt.

[2] Wrap each beetroot individually in tin foil and place them onto a baking tray.

[3] Roast in the oven for 30 minutes or until soft. Allow to cool for  about10 minutes.

[4] While the beetroots are cooling heat a large pan of salted water on a medium heat. Once hot add the spaghetti and cook for 8-10 minutes or until done to your liking.

[5] Whilst the beetroots cook, carefully peel the cooked beetroots. Cut them into chunks and place them into a blender along with the olive oil, a generous pinch of salt, garlic, and lemon juice. Add 100ml of starchy pasta water and blend until you get a smooth sauce.

[6] Pour the sauce into a large pan on a low heat and heat through for a few minutes. Once the pasta is cooked, use tongs to add to the pan with the beetroot sauce. Mix until well combined.

[7] Serve with spaghetti with crumbled feta and fresh dill. Enjoy!

Beetroot spaghetti was last modified: June 9th, 2022 by Luce Hosier

Beetroot spaghetti was last modified: June 9th, 2022 by Luce Hosier

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