Hackney 5k at Hackney Moves Weekend

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Hackney 5k at Hackney Moves Weekend

It’s been a few years since I’ve run the Hackney 5k – 2015 since I last wrote about it on the blog – but some things don’t change. Like the weather – it’s the Hackney 5k and Hackney Half Marathon ‘curse’.

I registered for the 12midday wave of the Hackney 5k and figured if I made it, it’d be a nice change from parkrun and on a little more sleep! In hindsight, knowing about the Hackney curse, running at 12midday wasn’t the best idea, but it got done.

Running Tip: Don’t forget to pop on your suncream before you head out. While you’re making or eating your breakfast is a great opportunity.

Hackney 5k 2022

Hackney 5k has always been billed as a community event, to get those involved in the weekend who don’t wanna take on 21km. It’s a free event which makes it accessible to everyone and you get the whole race experience with a medal, water etc.

In previous years when I’ve been running the half, it’s also made for a good shakeout run the day before and the perfect opportunity to test the weather and make your final kit choice.

Race Pack Pick-Up

I don’t remember if race packs were posted out previously (I think they were), but this year, they had to be collected on the day for the 5k. Having registered through Let’s Do It, I received no information about the event until 5pm the evening before when I got a text with a QR code.

So I rocked up, queued, showed my QR code and got given a race number. Bag drop was virtually empty and took 2 minutes, and the portaloos were a-plenty. By the time we were heading to the race start, the queue for the half marathon race pack pick-up was horrendous though.

Running The Hackney 5k Route

Unlike the half marathon, the Hackney 5k is solely set on Hackney Marshes, which has always meant a mix of pavement and grass makes up the course.

For 2022 though, it seems there is more grass than ever before, which I’m not a massive fan of – see below for comparison.

Considering how hot the weather was on the day, there was not one water station on the 5k course. There was however a can of water in the goody bag which was very much needed by that point.

I didn’t see any photographers on the 5k route, only one at the end and if I didn’t grab Shak and place us in front of the camera, we wouldn’t have any photos from the event. Finding the photos was another ordeal too. I’m not a fan of the Let’s Do It app so I was forced to download it and register to be able to access the photos.

Overall though, it’s a great little 5kcourse, but it’s just a little narrow at some points especially the first 1-2km. I feel like I spent too much energy weaving in, out and around people to begin with.

Hackney 5k Medal

Now this was the weirdest thing; everyone who completed the 5k got given a Hackney Half medal, t-shirt and goody bag. I didn’t take a t-shirt as I’m trying to do my bit for sustainability.

What makes it even weirder is that it seems the half marathon runners (who paid £50 for entry) didn’t get a t-shirt or goody bag, and like I said, got the same medal as the 5k runners.

If I remember rightly, the same thing happened in 2014, but then they created unique medals for each event in 2015 (see picture below).

Free race photos for the Hackney Half are now a thing of the past too!

2015 Hackney 5k Medal

Hackney Moves Festival

The highlight of the event really was the whole festival atmosphere. With plenty of fitness activities going on alongside food and drink trucks, I realised after my run there was no need to rush back home.

I spent forever queuing at a calamari food truck before finding friends, Mollie and Sabine, dancing away next to the main stage, with a drink or two, then enjoyed the sunshine for a while longer.

Dates for 2023 have already been announced as 19 – 21 May so pencil it in!

Did you run Hackney 5km or half over the weekend?!


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