Ways To Optimise Your Sleep Environment

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The Fine Bedding Company Review
Optimising Your Sleep Environment with The Fine Bedding Company

We all (should) know that sleep plays an essential role in optimising our health and well-being, which means that poor sleep or a lack thereof can cause a heap of negative mental and physical side effects.

There can be a whole host of reasons behind a bad night’s sleep. From rising stress levels to excessive screen-time (we’re all guilty, right?!), so many factors can mess with our rest, but there is also plenty you can do to improve it too – starting with your pre-bedtime routine and making your sleep environment comfortable. 

I love talking about sleep, reading about sleep and tweaking my healthy sleep habits to feel my best so when The Fine Bedding Company got in touch about their luxury bedding, it was perfect, as optimising my sleep environment was one area I hadn’t really touched on yet, on the blog.

Invest In Your Sleeping Environment

Having recently spent a week away in a hotel I didn’t love, I’ve appreciated my own bed and sleep environment even more. From having the most comfortable memory foam mattress, comfy pillows, a weighted blanket, sleep sounds from my Google Home mini to pillow sprays and aromatherapy balms.

The Breathe Duvet & Breathe Pillows

A hot and uncomfortable environment, or poor quality bedding all contribute to making it harder to fall asleep and can even cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. So if you, and your sleeping space are cool, you will fall asleep quicker.

Once the weather starts getting warmer, I sleep with the window open to allow fresh cool air to circulate during the night and my goal is to spend 30minutes tucked up under my duvet reading a good book before I go to sleep…

About The Fine Bedding Company

The Fine Bedding Company’s top priority is sustainability and comfort. They’re a fourth-generation UK-based company with their 100% zero waste eco-factory.

The Fine Bedding Co. have been producing premium down feather and innovative fibre filled bedding for over 100 years.

I’d not come across the brand before so I did my due diligence and once I saw them stocked in John Lewis, I knew they would be great quality products.

The Breathe Duvet & Breathe Pillows

And they are.

Even without duvet covers and pillowcases the Breathe Duvet & Breathe Pillows look lush. I took the pictures without covers, of course, to show them in all their glory!

Both the Breathe Duvet & Breathe Pillows are made with a blend of what The Fine Bedding Company call Smartfil® technology and Modal, which is derived from natural wood pulp making it exceptionally breathable.

The pillows are large and plump and I envisage they won’t lose their fullness over time. In fact, they look so big you’d presume they’d be uncomfortable but once you place your head on the Breathe pillow, it sinks perfectly and almost moulds to your head and neck.

The Modal technology present in the pillows help to wick away moisture leaving you to a healthy, temperature controlled sleep. So I’m assuming this means the pillows have been saving me from my own dribble?! lol

If hotels had great pillows, I’d expect them to be from The Fine Bedding Company; that’s what they remind me of.

As we’ve been moving into Spring, I went for the double 10.5tog duvet which should see me through the transitional months of Spring and Autumn. My duvet collection already has a super light Summer one and a thick cosy Winter so this was the perfect addition.

The duvet features the same Modal technology making it a temperature-regulating duvet. It is light, warm and doesn’t cause me to overheat.


Sleep is one of the most important things you can do to improve recovery, boost the immune system, and make fitness gains from all your workout efforts. Healthy sleep isn’t just about getting enough sleep though, it’s also about the quality of your sleep and how constant your sleep is.

Is it about time you upgraded your bedtime routine?! Have you tried any of The Fine Bedding Company products before?!


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