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I am so incredibly excited to announce the publication of my third book: The Female Factor: Making Women’s Health Count and What It Means for you.

The book is available to pre-order from today [April 10th 2022] and will be published in hardback in July.

For those who are familiar with my work, and previous books, you might be thinking why this book and why now?

Nutrition will always be my biggest passion, but as a woman, and as a doctor to many women, I wanted to expand the work I do, especially when I discovered there was an unmet need within medicine and healthcare. I realised that our current model of male- centric medicine meant that women were understudied, underdiagnosed, misdiagnosed and undertreated. In most of the research I studied, it appeared that medicine sees our reproductive organs and hormones as our greatest source of difference to men and holds the assumption that pretty much everything else works in the same way, so can be fixed in the same way. But, in the words of Dr Stacy Sims, ‘women are not small men’. 

The more I shared female-focused research (albeit limited) and content online, the more women responded asking to be listened to. It made me want to learn more, to share more, to empower more. I knew there was an unmet need here and wanted to find some answers.

And so, for the past three years (in between COVID shifts at the hospital), I’ve dedicated most of my time to researching how to help women live healthier, happier lives.

And The Female Factor was born. 

Each chapter guides you through the hormonal milestones most women experience: I explore how nutrition plays a role across our menstrual cycle; how our fitness is shaped by our physical make-up; how our hormones affect our mental health across our lifespan; and how sleep can save your sanity, no matter the day of the month – plus 50 new, nourishing recipes. If I’ve done my job, by the time you’ve finished reading this book, you will feel empowered by your body, you will feel ready to support yourself in ways you never have before and you will share everything you’ve learned with every woman in your life.

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