It’s never as easy as just getting out the door –

I’m normally Ok once I’m out there, but the getting out there is never that simple.

The stop-start phenomenum is not unique to me. This yo yo-ing of goal setting, throwing yourself into things and then losing your mojo is common…and not just for plus size women.

The global pandemic was particularly tough for the women in my community. Many of them are teachers, nurses, carers, parents, and many of us (not all) found it really difficult to prioritise our running.

As a single mum I literally could not get out the front door to run…for a start I often had panic attacks when I tried.

Or else I had a stroppy 8 year old with me on a bike, who’d rather be at home on her ipad.

A number of the tricks I used to motivate myself to run had also disappeared too. Races to train for, parkruns to show up to, people to meet up with.

And so when I decided I wanted to make a come back, I knew I had to address my stop-start mentality once and for all…and look at the root cause of why we do this, not only with running but with other habits too.

And so in December I decided to write a book about it.

Kickstart Your Running is a book that will 100% help you to start and sustain a habit of running, but not perhaps in the way you think it will.

YES, it helps you create an 8 week beginners (or returners) plan…but more than that it will give you tools and concepts to understand your behaviours and patterns so that you are better equipped in the long term.

While writing the book, I also tested the principles with 165 women…who are now on week 5 of the 8-week programme, having all kinds of breakthroughs. 

Running isn’t just about putting one foot in front of another…for many of us it is about managing busy lives, managing our own limiting beliefs, managing our safety…emotional and physical (sadly).

And so this narrative of “Oh it’s easy” is bullshit, and is keeping so many of us stuck.

Running is an incredible sport, which has so much to offer for so many, and I for one am on a mission to change the way we approach it.

You ready to Kickstart Your Running…to START, MAINTAIN (and most importantly) SUSTAIN a habit of running that helps you thrive?


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